Seasonal expeditions

We have designed thematic expeditions in which we think the cultural and natural depths can resonate in the best possible way. Feel free to inquire about join-in possibilities, but keep in mind that on request, they can be organized privately!

When it comes to high quality tours, the devil is in the details. The further you can zoom in, the easier it becomes to find a genuine connection. We’ve selected some of our absolute favorite areas and used them to design some of the nicest journeys possible.

The true beauty of nature is best experienced step by step. You’ll cross mountain ranges from valley to valley, traversing ancient trading routes. To optimally relive history, we find support from traditional mule and horse caravans and set up camp in the most pristine spots.

Although thoroughly hands-on, these experiences are all operated with the most high-end camping gear and safety standards. Seasonality is the key to anticipating weather patterns and local festivals and markets. Expeditions can be joined, but also booked privately!

Expedition calendar

The finest expeditions in southwest china on a time line

The perfect itinerary is strictly seasonal. You want us to consider not only the weather, but also the local markets and festivals. That’s why we have designed an expedition calendar in which we will publish a few really special set-date expeditions at least half a year in advance.


5 September – 21 September 2020

5 September – 21 September 2020

The Tibetan Yoga Adventure

In the summer of 2020, we will ascent the Tibetan plateau to do one of our most exciting trips yet. We will blend our intimate knowledge of the Great Outdoors around the Genie Mountain in Litang with a masterclass in the unique Tibetan yoga exercises known as Lu Jong. This tour will be a traverse from the northwest of Yunnan all the way up to the 4000+ meters plateau deep in the Tibetan parts of Sichuan. Our aim is to get as intimate as we can with the Tibetan ways of life and do that through the careful practice of Lu Jong Yoga and the appreciation of the formidably pristine nature around us.


5 Oct – 27 Oct 2020

5 Oct – 27 Oct 2020

The Holy Lake

We have excavated some excellent trails on the old roads from Lijiang to Shangri-La. These routes were by no means the primary roads, but the ones that evaded groups of bandits active on the more well-traveled roads. These lands on the brink of the Tibetan plateau are mostly controlled by the Yi, and we will traverse the Celestial Heaven Mountains with our skilled Yi caravaneers. We have designed the most stunning mule trekking route possible, through the site of one of the most pristine alpine lakes in the province. Tasting the elements, moving along winding mountain paths with a deep history, through high altitude old-growth forests where bandits used to roam, practically getting from one old trading town to the other, we will have the feeling we are truly reliving the times of China’s Wild West.

18 April – 1 May 2021

18 April – 1 May 2021

The Azalea Adventure

The Laojun Massive is hidden away from visibility right in the heart of the province’s northwest. Every spring, we organize a Rhododendron viewing expedition around the mountain in a clockwise fashion, properly honoring the fabulous natural surroundings. Although this hiking expedition is relatively accessible, we will be camping on outstretched Yak fields, alpine lake shores, and deep old growth primary forests. The trekking portion is 6 days and 5 nights, and the rest of the time we will use to explore the amazing cultural heritage of the Dali-Lijiang area, all in the periphery, away from the masses.