“It might have been while trekking in the jungle, on the road touring on my bike or during some of the great meals. Zouba Tours started somewhere in a lush valley in southern Yunnan. An urge developed to share the stories of the people inhabiting these gorgeous lands with you.”


You are looking at Yunnan province, or western Sichuan, for the trip of your life. You know that these destinations are best enjoyed in the heart of the forest, the remotest villages or desolate mountain passes. But the most interesting places are often mysterious and hard to find.

A good plan and tour guide are key if you want to get the maximum out of your trip. It is not only about saving time or smooth logistics. You want to touch the soul of the place you visit, to be able to connect. We are there to help you with that connection!

Oftentimes, a village 100 meters from the developed tourist attraction is already incredibly interesting. The magic usually happens in magnificent nature, tasting an unforgettable meal, setting foot on winding mountain paths and befriending outstanding local people.

"The best thing about genuine connections is that they benefit everyone involved."


Our team

Every time a story is told by another storyteller, it’s completely different. We are proud to have attracted such a flamboyant bunch of professionals who all add these unique “twists”. There’s one major thing that we have in common and that is our love for this part of the world.


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